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Welcome to ISSUE 28 of East Leeds Magazine


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Wish You Were Here; More from Pat Slaughter on the 1980's football scene & Wish You Were Here book launch and photographic exhibition.

Spotty kids in Pringle jumpers did far less damage than a P45

The Tin Man Turns Fifty! Martin Horbury and his mad idea to run 50k on his 5oth birthday.
wilsons butchers
Wilsons Butchers We're the fifth generation of butchers in our family, we learned butchers skills from a very early age
Scene and Heard..
The Gonzos & Jacobean Ruff by Gina Francey
Kings of Cycling: Constantin Manole on Rock Racing UK, Cycling Weekly & the Tour De France
Lee Murtagh's Boxing Diary: Sometimes Charity Hurts
As Rocky said when he fought Hulk Hogan 'sometimes charity hurts'.
Conscription. London, Dover & France. More memories from Crossgates resident Alan Mills
You will report - not one minute early or one minute late but at precisely 08.00 hours
Nice Day for a White Wedding
In this issue we've brought together local wedding related businesses. Sponsored by Sophie Louise Boston Spa
The Flower Factor
I trained to be a florist because I had a passion for floristry but I must admit wedding
Abel Kubare
Grace Communion Church.
The Joy of Marriage. Lest you think I have a rosy, unworldly view of marriage my parents got divorced when I was young
Martial Arts for Life.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Karate (even if it’s only because your kids love the Power Rangers) but do you really know what it’s all about? Ali Cogger finds out from Janet McKenna.

Catch a Lizard for Your Marriage. What really has happened to me recently, I mean household chores and all?

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